Bridge Expansion Joints

Britflex UCP - Footbridge

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Footbridge/Pedestrian Joint System

The system utilises the proven design of the 'BEJ' system, which have been extensively used throughout Britain's motorway network and the advantages of the 'BEJ system' have been adopted for use on footbridges and heavily pedestrianised structures.

There are two 'UCP' expansion joints; 'UCP' 50 and 70, capable of accommodating up to 50mm and 70mm of movement respectively. The system consists of heavy gauge aluminium rails, a resilient waterproof EPDM seal and an additional secondary waterproof membrane. This joint is totally sealed and will provide and impermeable seal to most liquids, salt and other abrasives, thus preventing premature damage to the structure.

There is a vast range of applications for this type of expansion joint, including:

  • Multi Storey Car Parks
  • Pedestrian Footbridges
  • Podiums



  • Versatile
  • Substantially waterpoof
  • Rapid Installation
  • No drilling of deck required
  • No mechanical fixings
  • EPDM Seal easily removed if required
  • Provides quiet comfortable riding characteristics
  • Installed by USL's experienced and fully trained workforce